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PAH is growing! We have been hard at work on a new look for! We will be rolling out changes over the next few weeks. Look for some exciting new features soon!

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  • Mr. Aarne says:

    So excited for PAH and the awesome changes. Keep up the great work!

  • Mr. Aarne says:

    Wishing everyone at the new pah fest. Org all the best!

  • Mr. Aarne says:

    I can’t shake certain thoughts and feel compelled to share for every heart. I am sure you all know how imperative it is for PAH to continue to help us to tap into the artist within us all. I have always seen PAH as a no judgement zone. Kinda like, back in the old days, when hoboes had safe camps, a place to gather round he campfire and learn from one another. I am thinking about doodling a hobo camp jigsaw puzzle. I have a soft spot in my heart for hoboes. There world was filled with plenty of stew, adventure stories, song and poetry. Plus, I am a Charlie Chaplin fan. But back to my thoughts and hobo camp jigsaw puzzle – each piece will play an important role in contributing to the whole puzzle. And so…PAH has digital pieces that contribute to life’s big picture. I am beginning to see these heartfelt film pieces as parts to a never-ending puzzle, where we learn how important we are to the whole. This is what I AM beginning to see and why I AM compelled to share. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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