PAH Nation is coming to Punta Gorda, Belize! Join Christopher R. Coppola and his PAH Posse from December 15th until December 20th on PAHFEST.ORG or at the PAH Belize hub – Garbutt’s Marine & Fishing Lodge on Joe Taylor Creek in Punta Gorda. Take part in the International Cellphone Flick contest no matter where you are! Your art will screen online for the world to see and you may just win a prize!

Project Accessible Hollywood will be bringing you a glimpse of beautiful Belize and its vibrant culture through several PAH Contests – Filmmakers Challenge, a short film contest for college age participants, Tone Poems, a musical contest to bring out the musician in all of us, Digiportraits, use a PAH cam and capture the story of a person new to you - for participants 14 or older, Cellphone Flicks, open to everyone (all around the world), take one shot and answer the question – What is Beauty?

PAH will be streaming the LIVE orientation on Monday, December 15th at 6:30pm central time,  4:30pm pacific. Tune in online at to join Christopher Coppola as he kicks off the festival!

Don’t forget to join us here again on Sunday, December 20th at 6:30pm central, 4:30pm pacific for the awards ceremony and webcast, or join us in person at Garbutt’s Marine & Fishing Lodge in Punta Gorda to find out if your entry was voted to the top!



ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE Friday, December 19th at 9:00am Central Time!


On initiation day Christopher Coppola will explain the shooting and editing rules.  He will give each team the  “CRC List of Ingredients” which informs the teams what equipment they will be allowed to use (PAH camcorders), what shots have to be included, what mystery prop has to be in a scene  and special sound effects. This helps young filmmakers learn how to adapt quickly and think on their feet.   They will have one day of prep, one day of shooting, and two days of editing, mixing and finishing.  The participants who work on this will be considered to work on the feature this summer as paid interns. 

Challenge Requirements

ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE Friday, December 19th at 9:00am Central Time!


Participants will use a PAH HD pocket camcorder to make a 2-minute or less portrait of a person they do not know.   It can be arty, dramatic or documentary style as long as it is dignified.  They will be taught how to use the camera, how to use the editing software, how to add music, use visual effects, etc.

Tone Poem

Participants will compose an original piece of music or record local Belizian folk music. The original piece of music needs to be composed or recorded during the festival.  The work cannot exist before hand.  One need not be a professional musician.  Music can be many things including simple humming or drumming. They will use a PAH HD pocket camcorder to shoot images to cut with their music.  This is not a rock video.  The Tone Poem is a poetic dance between music and film about the folktale, proverb, daily life. They will be taught how to use the camera, how to use the editing software, use visual effects, etc. 

Cell Phone Flick

A one shot challenge in which participants shoot their interpretation of “What is Beauty?” in their own unique way using just one shot, without cutting or pausing, 60 seconds or less.


The theme is – What is Beauty?

Circus Vision

Chosen PAH participants, children 12 and under, will participate in a visual treasure hunt with a parent or guardian.  They will follow simple Circus Vision rules as they go out to collect their shots with one of the PAH pocket camcorders.  They will bring the cameras back to the Punta Gorda PAH hub.  A PAH tech will show them how their shots string up in a Cyberlink (editing software) timeline.  This gives each child a glimpse of the world of film editing. 

Ingredients List

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