Epoxy Resin Floor Commercial Kitchen

Epoxy Resin Floor Commercial Kitchen

There are many benefits of installing anti slip flooring into your commercial kitchen: This commercial c oncrete epoxy flooring project was 3,000 square feet, and included 4 radius coving from all of the wail to floor joints.

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Whether a public, commercial, industrial or residential floor system is needed, epoxy resin floor coating is the flooring of choice across.


Epoxy resin floor commercial kitchen. The best epoxy floor coating for a commercial kitchen is one with high build and nonslip qualities. Commercial kitchens are specified by their heavy traffic and agility. An epoxy coating is one of the most solid coatings available on the market.

This durable commercial flooring system, will provide long lasting protection, even in the most demanding environments. Precision floor is a thick, troweled on epoxy floor coating and can repeatedly withstand. A resin based commercial flooring system, protects your concrete floor from cracks, spills, chemicals, and moisture.

They are also antimicrobial and can withstand industrial strength cleaners. Polyurethane resin screed systems are ideal as they offer a seamless finish, polyurethane resin can be complemented by coving and render, to allow for a smooth transition from wall to floor that does not support bacteria and microbial growth. Our designs are customised and 100% unique to.

Along with updating your commercial space, a commercial epoxy floor coating protects your concrete floor from cracks, spills, chemicals, and moisture. Your restaurant kitchen flooring will not crack and peel apart like epoxy floor paints or quartz broadcast floors often do, because our floors aren’t as hard and brittle as many epoxy options. The surface is pore filled with an epoxy gel ensuring it remains non porous and stain resistant.

Stonex quartz screed is a very fine quartz system combined with an epoxy binder resin, giving a very hard and tough surface. Advantages of epoxy coating for your commercial kitchen floor. Commercial kitchens are installed with resin due to its tough and easy to clean nature.

An epoxy resin floor coating is a two component system that results in a hard, durable and resistant flooring solution for everything from sydney airport to home kitchens and garage floor coatings. Precision floor is an excellent choice for a commercial restaurant kitchen with ovens, grills, and fryers, because it can absorb high temperatures. Due to this, resin flooring is often found in commercial kitchens as the sanitation.

From hot oil to boiling water, heavy equipment, harsh cleaning chemicals and wear and tear from foot and vehicle traffic, the list is long. Epoxy resin floors are also more sensitive to high temperatures than other resin types, making them less suitable for commercial kitchens. If you are upgrading your commercial kitchen or planning to build a new one, epoxy flooring is the best and most affordable solution.

Epoxy resin also makes your kitchen safer for your staff and your customers. For a resinous epoxy flooring to perform in high heat conditions, it must absorb and transfer the heat. The resin coved skirting which is used forms a join between the wall and floor creating a surface which does not trap dirt, oil or animal fats.

All while lasting for years so you can get on with doing what you do best. We understand commercial kitchen flooring has to endure a great deal. Here are some of the benefits of having an epoxy floor in a commercial kitchen:

Epoxy or polyurethane cement flooring is the practical solution for commercial kitchens. In the pursuit of quick service, spillages are common and become the reason for employee fall and slips. Commercial kitchens care in the kitchen.

Resin tables and bar tops; We install epoxy resin floor covering systems into residential, commercial and industrial areas. It has a high sealing that assures full protection against any water infiltration.

Also, it’s a good idea to install an integral cove base that is coated for a completely seamless surface. Pmma resin flooring such as trazcon® , on the other hand, lasts considerably longer before any maintenance is required, offering excellent resistance to high temperatures and heavy traffic without lifting. Cleanliness and safety is paramount for restaurant staff and patrons.

It’s a material that is resistant to shocks but also to stains. Now you know how to apply epoxy resin to your commercial kitchen floor. Commercial kitchen floors must be hygienic and seamless and not support bacteria and microbial growth.

Knowing that it was a kitchen floor, we immediately knew to use urethane cement flooring as our base and apply a chemical resistant epoxy topcoat, making up our commercial epoxy resin flooring system.the client gave us clear and free access, so hours of. It’s easy to install and even easier to care for.

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