How Much Would It Cost To Paint A Bumper

How Much Would It Cost To Paint A Bumper

How much it cost to paint a front bumper. How much it costs to paint a bumper depends on the damage you need to fix.

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Paint,clear coat,labor,supplies, it adds up fast.


How much would it cost to paint a bumper. However, these rates are only averages, and every repair shop is different. Installation and painting the new bumper can cost between $200 and $600. Most car owners think the only use of the car bumper is preventing or reducing the impact of an accident.

According to, the cost to repair a rear bumper dent can be anywhere from $150 to $600. A bumper is much more complicated than you think. You see, different types of paint are available in the market so depending on them the cost will also vary.

Bumpers for pickup trucks, suvs and luxury vehicles will have higher costs. Here is a list of prices you can expect to pay for painting areas commonly damaged in an accident: Your car's bumper plays a vital role in your safety.

In most scenarios, the bumper painting process will only take a few hours, which puts labor costs in the $94 to $430 range. Estimated cost of paint for a bumper. Quarter panel paint job would cost $150 to $750.

Auto body shops vary in their fee schedules for this service, but a ballpark figure is $935 to $1,580. But one more thing to consider is the quality of the paint. Supplies will be in the range of a few hundred dollars, depending on material or color.

Deep scratches or bumper replacement may cost much more to paint than color discoloration. According to cost helper, a new bumper for a passenger car can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000. I got rear ended about a month ago, and it cost about $600 to replace the bumper.

The cost of painting a car bumper often includes additional costs for repairing the bumper. Bumper scratch repairs may be less costly and might only involve a quick paint touch up. I owned several auto repair and collision shops for over 30 years.

If the cost to paint your bumper is on the higher end. The purpose of a bumper on your car is specific. That’s an important part of the process because otherwise, the paint won’t.

Accordingly, how much does it cost to paint a bumper cover? A new paint job generally costs in the vicinity of $1,000 to $1,500. Now, the paint for the bumper usually costs $130.

Professional cost per square foot. Cost will depend on local labour costs what needs to be removed any unseen damage eg broken clips brackets the type of paint etc etc. If you have a deep scratch or cracks in the bumper, it can cost as much as $2,500 to replace the entire bumper.

And the shops will definitely try to coverup this cost by charging you with the bill. Body work cost big money. The first thing i would do is buff out as much as possible to see if there are scratches at all.

How much does it cost to replace and paint a bumper? Given below are the charges you can expect for painting different areas of the vehicle: You can save money by doing the paint job yourself, but you will need to have the right tools for the best results.

That is for a 2009 pontiac vibe, so i would expect a lexus to be more expensive. The bumper designed for safeguarding the hood, grills, fuel, exhaust, cooling system, and tr. For example, if you use acrylic paint for.

Car hood would cost $200 to $1000. Just painting it should only be. Your vehicle most likely has a black trim that left the black mark on the kia.

The average cost to repaint your bumper is around $500. Your cost varies depending if additional repairs are necessary and how much paint it requires. The bumper of your car is susceptible to dents and scratches.

The average bumper repair will cost between 935 and 1580. The majority of cases involve nothing more than repainting the car bumper cost or car door panel. Door repaint would cost $100 to $500.

Different makes and models of cars as well as the extent of damage influence the total cost. Ive spray painted a bumper before and you didnt notice it for years eventualy the.


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