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How To Reset Check Engine Light After Replacing Mass Air Flow Sensor


If you need to replace it with a new one, install the new sensor instead of the old maf sensor. I went and replaced the sensor and then cleared the code.

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You me monitors the fuel and air via mas air flow and injection pulse width and the o2 sensors.


How to reset check engine light after replacing mass air flow sensor. The check engine light comes on when your car’s computer detects an issue within the powertrain. Check engine light after new maf sensor. Disconnect mass air flow sensor harness connector.

The check engine light came on a little bit ago and we got it tested and it was the mass air flow sensor, we recently about 2 weeks ago changed it but the engine light remains on and i know its supposed to take a minute to go out but its been longer now, also every time i get gas (it did this before i changed the maf as well and was a result of needing to change it) and i turn the car back on. Check engine light on for mass air flow sensor after already replacing? Still got p0101 code, so i bought a new maf and put it on it last night and unhooked battery.

Put the key fob in the ignition. After collecting the information, the details will be sent to the engine control unit. After several starts, the check engine prom, will eventually correct itself, and reset.

Keeping the battery unhooked for longer than 10 minutes won't hurt anything. I hit a bump yesterday and the check engine light came on. I need to get this fixed soon so i can get my emission test passed.

Also, i would rec to check the air snorkel from the mass air flow sensor to the intake manifold. I have a 2005 xc90 2.5 that started idling rough and obd gave me p0101 code. Do i have to reset the computer after installing a.

Posted on jun 21, 2009. When a component goes bad ( maf, o2 sensor) giving the me fualty readings it adapts way out of its programable limits. Is there any way to reset the light without going to the dealer.

Restart engine and let it idle for at least 5 seconds. Make sure dtc p0102 is displayed. The entire system can be reset by unhooking the battery and leaving it unhooked for 10 minutes.

Remove the connector with the harness of the sensor. Car runs fine 1 answer i was only going about 2 miles an hour went thru a cracked piece of driveway in shopping center bit of a pot hole check engine light came on immediately after. No engine issues leading up to this, i just figured it'd be a good sunday morning project.

When you step on the gas and the engine rpm does not increase, try having someone spray starting fluid into the intake. If some thing is off say air or fuel the me will adapt to the problem making the engine to run properly. It determines the amount of oxygen in the gases, which indicates how well the fuel is being burned.

Cleaned the maf sensor and unhooked battery to reset the computer, check engine light came back on after a short drive. The ecu then adjusts the. The check engine light may stay on for a few times after you start the car.

All, i just cleaned my mass air flow sensor on my 06 bmw x3 but my service engine light is still on. I hit a bump yesterday and the check engine light came on. The airflow sensor collects details to determine the amount of needed fuel.

Pull out the air flow sensor and clean it properly. Car runs fine 1 answer i was only going about 2 miles an hour went thru a cracked piece of driveway in shopping center bit of a pot hole check engine light came on immediately after. Most of drivers feel annoying when they see the check engine light still turn of even the car problem was solve.

The o2 sensor in your vehicle monitors the exhaust gases coming out of the engine. Hold down the brake and press the power button one time to turn the car on. No, after you change the mass air flow sensor, the problem is fixed.

Check engine light after cleaning maf sensor i took apart the air intake this morning to clean the throttle body and maf sensor on my 2006 4runner. Before replacing the mass air flow sensor, try replacing the air filter and cleaning the air flow sensor with low compress air or mass air flow sensor cleaner. Check for air leaks on or around any intake pipework using a good spraying of carb cleaner, if the engine surges then that's the leak.

If this helps, we then know it is a fuel problem. I have a 2015 nissan sentra sr and a while back the check engine light came on and read code p0101 for mass air flow sensor. My car has 129,000 miles.

Stop engine and reconnect mass air flow sensor harness connector. Turn off the engine and let it cool down if you’ve been driving. Reset code and drive vehicle.

He told me that replacing the sensor was an option or another avenue was to first try cleaning it to see if the check engine light stayed on after cleaning. Start engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature. I disconnected the battery, still on.

Resetting the mass air flow sensor by idling the engine. The mass airflow sensor is the component used for detecting the flow of air that is entering the engine of a car. Check if the engine light is still on after the mass air flow sensor was replaced.

Replaced mass air flow sensor and the check engine light is still on. In this case, if you don't know how to reset check engine light, here are 4 useful way for you. I followed the steps below and the light is still on.

The o2 sensor then sends information to the electronic control unit, or ecu, the vehicle's computer.

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