How To See Who Disliked Your Youtube Video 2020

Recipe for disaster is a rather unusual contender for the fourth position on this list of the most viewed youtube videos. You can not find out who liked or disliked your videos.

I Have 10 Kids At Age 18 YouTube in 2020 (With images

Recommended answerrecommended answers ( 1) ratings (ie likes/dislikes) are anonymous.


How to see who disliked your youtube video 2020. The premise is odd, but hardly deserving of over 5 million dislikes. It’s heartbreaking when i noticed that people were disliking my videos for no reason. Within less than a year, this video has managed to fall in the top of the most liked videos on youtube.

But when a video is juts straight up racist, deploying bullying or plain thick (not sense of humour silly that i love) but straight out nasty and discriminati. This is again a music album by wiz khalifa ft. Now there’s just a very simple change required on this screen.

Doing so will open a list of your liked videos. With 45 million likes and only 5 million dislikes, we chalk this one up to haters of the song. The video was updated in may, 2020, and has been viewed over 10 million views.

Nobody knows whether youtube did this to protect the mental health of its users or for other reasons. If it seems to be helpful, we may eventually mark it as a recommended answer. Most disliked video on youtube 2020 youtube is home to billions of music videos, comedy skits, makeup tutorials, sports highlights, and virtually anything for your immediate entertainment.

If you see a potential issue or oversight in the visualization, please post a constructive comment below. “we heard a lot of feedback that the video last year didn’t reflect people’s. despacito by luis fonsi ft.

When you check your demographics, you can see what countries are liking and disliking, when you realise that 1 dude, who forever dislikes vids, is from mauritania, you learn to not care so much haha. The second most liked video on youtube is see you again. Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question.

Unfortunately, views on a youtube video aren't like views on your instagram story — you can't see what users are watching your videos. It is being said that this trailer is the most disliked video on youtube ever. Youtube analytics > engagement reports > comments > geography tab.

Here is some important information about this post: However, according to stats, youtube rewind 2018 has the most number of dislikes. Remember that all visualizations on r/dataisbeautiful should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Also read | ankita lokhande celebrates janmashtami 2020, shares a devotional post; View other oc posts by this author. On the other hand, you have youtube analytics section in your account, where you can see geographical data of all your youtube comments:

Can you see who disliked your video on youtube. Subscribers only get notified of your new content, and then only if they have chosen to be notified. Select the video that you want to amend the likes to dislikes count for, and then click on the advanced tab at the top.

Recipe for disaster (3.68 billion views on youtube) youtube. Thank you for your original content, /u/usephysics! So that would be new video uploads on a new channel.

However, it is the most disliked video on youtube in 2020 so far with 2.3 million dislikes. But if you're trying to better understand the demographic of your youtube views, there are ways to find out information about your users to understand your audience better. I very rarely if ever dislike a video as people are allowed their theories and opinions.

So, i decided to find a way of getting this data and find. I was getting a good number of likes but the dislikes were making me feel a bit doubtful about my work. Where you can get breakdown per each country and video data.

People also get notified of your replies to their comments and comments you make on their videos, but not comments you post anywhere else. Go to the ‘videos’ tab where you’ll see a list of your uploads, with the most recent first. For the record — youtube (9.32 million dislikes) youtube created this video as an answer to the.

However, it does not allow the author of the content to see exactly, i mean to know the nickname of the person who disliked the video. Daddy yankee (5m dislikes) funnily enough, despacito took the number one spot in our article: If you scroll down, you should see a checkbox that says users.

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